RECREATIONAL District Recruitment

The District of West Vancouver needed additional content to include with the resources they offer to the public. This time the team requested for an online orientation that could be utilized for the on-boarding of their future volunteers.

This introduction video to volunteering at the community centre offered an in-depth perspective from those who have volunteered in the past in addition to those working in the centre. Impactful stories are shared about each individual’s experience there and what you can expect from the facility.

city of west vancouver community creative
city of west vancouver community centre interior


For some who have retired, being in the company of other individuals in similar shoes around the community is often more preferable than spending time at home alone. This project demonstrates how beneficial and easy it can, for those thinking of getting involved but don’t know where to start. Initiating something new can be exciting but potentially daunting, regardless of age. A light-hearted video can change that, instilling some familiarity to ease the fear of the unknown. Giving back to the community, discussing ideas and engaging in conversations keeps us busy, laughing and young at heart.

city of west vancouver orientation marketing video