Cannabis Extraction

Equipment & Machinery

Evolved Extraction Solutions offers pure, safe, reliable botanical extraction solutions. They carry various extractors, lab instruments, turnkey processing equipment and additional cannabis extraction consumables.

With the introduction of legalization in Canada, many companies in the industry have decided to further invest in their businesses. Evolved Extraction reached out and requested to elevate their presence in the space through a series of company videos and additional marketing initiatives.

cannabis extraction equipment marketing
cannabis extraction centrifugal separator
marijuana extraction company showroom


With the many offerings the company has, accurate visual representation of the products can diminish the odds of customers left scratching their heads. This was important during our collaboration, to highlight the crucial elements with the detailed marketing materials produced. Customers only care about how you can solve the problem at hand, there’s no need overcomplicating things.

cannabis extraction terpenes
marijuana extraction showroom
cannabis extraction team photo