Shanghai CUISINE


A revamped business with a hard-to-miss presence, in the heart of Richmond, BC has emerged. Baiyulan is a Chinese restaurant offering a very extensive menu selection of Shanghai style cuisine.

With the relocation of their restaurant, upgrading to a bigger and newly renovated spot, it was necessary to ramp up their marketing efforts. A restaurant promotional video and new menu came to fruition, highlighting the new interior design followed by some of their mouthwatering signature dishes.

baiyulan richmond chinese restaurant graphic design
baiyulan shanghai restaurant richmond takeout menu design
baiyulan richmond restaurant menu design


Whether it be traditional handmade snacks, noodle soups or stir fried dishes, Baiyulan is a place to indulge in a wide variety of asian dining selections. Having a vast menu selection, it was critical the menu be designed in a clutter-free manner with complimenting product photos enticing enough for customers to give it a try. The video provides viewers a glance into the journey of how the food makes its way to their plate, generating curiosity amongst those that have not had a chance to try yet.

baiyulan shanghai restaurant noodle soup food photography
baiyulan vancouver chinese restaurant design
baiyulan shanghai cuisine restaurant takeout menu graphic design
baiyulan shanghai restaurant chicken photography
baiyulan shanghai restaurant soup dumpling food photography