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Unifiller is a leader in the food and bakery industry when it comes to depositors and decorators. They’ve served many familiar names over the years, such as Lush Cosmetics and Buddy Valastro from TLC’s Cake Boss show to name a few.

Bakers aren’t mechanics and engineers, but when your business expands and you go from making 10 desserts a day to 1000, machines are a very viable solution. When creating this series of marketing video content for Unifiller, it was essential to convey the most in the shortest time.

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Bakers aren’t always the most tech-savvy individuals. After all, that isn’t exactly what they’re expected to be good at. Demonstrating how simple the process can be, with the use of robotics to achieve the same result in the fraction of the time with half as much effort allows many believe in the product. The machinery are not meant to replace bakers but to streamline the process within an industrial baking setting.

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